How many ways can you learn?

There are only two ways.

How to Become an A+ Student by Thomas P. Koziara

Have you ever wondered how students were able to get straight As and graduate at the top of their class? Many have wondered, but few have ever tried to investigate how they did it. How to Become an A+ Student tells you exactly how they did it. It is written by someone who was just a decent student, but then discovered what was necessary to get As, after meeting a professor with multiple degrees from Harvard University.

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Chapter 1 — Philosophy

Chapter 2 — Preparation

Chapter 3 — Classroom Presence

Chapter 4 — Homework

Chapter 5 — Study Habits

Chapter 6 — Extracurricular Activities

Chapter 7 — Professional Relationships

Chapter 8 — Opinions and Politics

Chapter 9 — Health

Chapter 10 — Conclusion


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